20 Bookish Facts

Hello everybody!

I was doing the #fivebookishfacts tag on Instagram when I thought, this is actually really interesting and fun. I also thought, why not do something like this on my blog? But, I will not be doing five facts, I will be doing 20. Perhaps you will know more about me after reading this blog post.

Fact #1: My all time favourite author is Rick Riordan.

Facts #2: My first book fandom is the Percy Jackson fandom.

Fact #3: My favourite author as a child was Jacqueline Wilson. In fact, I still enjoy her books till this day.

Fact #4: I watched the Harry Potter movies before reading the books and I do not think it took away my reading enjoyment.

Fact #5: According to Pottermore, I am a Gryffindor and a Horned Serpent and I totally agree.

Fact #6: Before taking the patronus test on Pottermore, I always knew mine is a hare, like Luna's. And the results came out to be a hare too. Looks like Pottermore is on my side.

Fact #7: Currently, the only actual hard cover book I own is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My country barely has any hard covers in stores.

Fact #8: I dog-ear library books.

Fact #9: Before I started using a bookmark, I would memorise the page number I stopped at.

Fact #10: I started my Bookstagram to go with this blog, not the other way around.

Fact #11: I use to not read fan fictions because they are not canon. Stupid reason, I know.

Fact #12: So far, the only book series I have ever marathon-ed is The Twilight Saga.

Fact #13: I often imagine myself in fictional worlds and as an important part of the story. But I imagine myself as myself, not as an actual character in the book. Is that weird?

Fact #14: As of writing this post, I do not own an actual bookshelf.

Fact #15: I don't read classics.

Fact #16: BookTube brought me to the book community.

Fact #17: I am not subscribed to any bookish subscription box.

Fact #18: don't usually read multiple books at once. I find that a difficult thing to do.

Fact #19: I am perfectly able to listen to music with lyrics while reading.

Fact #20: Book covers affect my reading experience. For example, if a book cover is black but the story is in no means dark, my mind will be in the mindset that it is a dark story.

There you go! 20 bookish facts about me! Are there some facts you shared with me? What are some bookish facts about you?


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